Monday, September 8, 2008

Advantages and disadvantages of Technology Socially

Technology effects our life in many ways especially to teenagers. If you are a loyal fan of the latest series GOSSIP GIRL you will realise how technology can effect our generations. There are many advantages and disadvantages using the technology in this millienium. We have decided to explain about this topic using the famous drama series as a example. To make people understand more about the topic. So for those who have not watch or heard about this series, it's time to start everyone.

Disadvantages of technology

Gossip are sent very fast to everyone around the world - It can partically spoils a person's social life.

There is no such thing as privacy - Today you meet a guy/girl tommorow everyone around you knows about it even before you tell anyone

It is an addict - You keep on playing games, chatting and doing stuff in the internet or sms with your handphone until you forget about important things like studying.

It tends to concentrate wealth and power, and to increase the disparity of rich and poor - When the poor kids see the rich kids having expensive stuff they really feel it.

Prevent kids from learning important concepts - Tendecy to use calculators until they forget the traditional methode.

Exposure to wrong things - Watching pornography and wasting time.Makes us lazy - you will tend to do all the work from home and not move about.

Advantages of Technology

Fast - Important messages are sent using handphones and emails just a click away.Knowledge - You can find out about stuff you do not know immediately.

Time saving - Instead of writting a letter and sending it through post which will take ages to reach all you have to do is sent by a mail and it will reach in few seconds.

Easy and reliable - To find a place you just have to on your phone's GPS and there you have it on your palm.

Saves money - Instead of wasting money making call long distance you can just use the internet service by using a webcam which is more real and CHEAP!!!

Easy access - You can study from your house through the internet. You don't have to go classes.

Shopping - All you have to do is order online and give your account number, the next minuate the the things is in your door step.

There are many more advantages and disadvantages of technology. So everyone who is reading this think before you do anything with technology. It may bring good thing to life if you do not use it carefully it may destroy a person social life. Our dear friends think before doing anything!!!

Devika Darshini
Jeevan Kuranadan
Mohammad Fadli


chikaradirghsa said...

2nd assignment checked.

Jason Norin said...

Technology can bring a lot of advantages in our daily lives. What's important is that we need to do it in moderation. As a user of a business broadband in Australia, I should be responsible in using the internet to avoid dependency.

Saskia Kercy said...

Seven years later, the relevance of this post still stands.